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4th Anniversary

We are celebrating our 4th Anniversary this week having taken over The Fairmile on the 19th June 2009! Looking back over the past 4 years it is surprising how much progress we have made and how far down the road towards where we want to be we are. A lot of the work that we have done has of course been invisible to regular guests. Things like the new roof, loft insulation, new electrics and new central heating system have all absorbed large amounts of money and have undoubtedly helped to preserve the long term future of the building but they haven’t necessarily contributed to our guest experience. Arguably the biggest change that has improved the quality of our guests’ stay has been the new en-suite bathrooms that we have installed. This winter coming will see the final bathrooms fitted into Rooms 3 & 5 which will make a big difference in those rooms and give us a nice sense of achievement that they are all completed. This winter will also see us purchase the final new beds in Rooms 1,2 & 3 which will mean that every room will be able to benefit from both the look and the comfort of a new leather bed.

We have been lucky to have had the support of some very talented people along the way over the past 4 years and we thank them all heartily. Special thanks go to our website designer, Spencer Warhurst at Creation Factor, for his patience in putting up with our mad ideas and for creating us our original site and then being happy 3 years later to tear it all up and start again! Thanks also goes to Roy Halliwell of HydroGas Services for his hard work installing our bathrooms – not one of those installations was straight forward but his ability to problem solve was fantastic and we learnt a lot from each one. Our final thanks of course goes to our fabulous guests without whom we most certainly would not be here today. Every guest who has stayed here is now part of the history of this great building; we feel very honoured to have been able to look after such lovely people on a regular basis and we value all of the comments that they have made over the last 4 years. We have always tried hard to make good service the cornerstone of what we do here at The Fairmile and we hope this is what we have managed to achieve. The evidence that we are on the right road came just a few weeks ago with the award by Booking.Com for outstanding guest reviews which we were very proud to receive.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words of support and encouragement and we very much look forward to welcoming both new and old guests back to The Fairmile in the very near future!

Jason & Melanie

P.S. We almost forgot to mention Freddy – our Facebook bear. It was his birthday on 12th May this year and he has fully enjoyed all of his adventures with our guests. At this very moment he is in a car on his way to Southampton where he will be boarding a cruise liner for a week cruising the Norwegian Fjords! Thanks to regular guests Alan and Lesley for taking him with you – his first foreign holiday!!

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