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In order that we do our very best to keep both ourselves and all of our guests safe we will be implementing a series of changes to the way we operate for the near future. A summary of these changes are as follows -:

  • We will implement a rigorous daily cleaning programme to ensure we maintain a clean and safe environment.
  • Hand sanitizers have been installed in various communal areas for guest use.
  • Our dining room has been redesigned with less tables and restricted access to facilities.
  • Guests may now book for “Room-Only” accommodation – only available by email or telephone.
  • Guest Lounge and Garden Seating Areas are now restricted to a maximum of 4 persons.
  • We aim to maintain a safe distance of 2m from our guests. When this is not possible (E.g. when checking guests in or serving breakfast) we will wear face masks and visors.
  • Check-in details will be requested prior to arrival.
  • Guests will be offered the facility to pay by bank transfer if preferred.

We kindly ask all guests to observe the guidelines and to be respectful of ourselves and other guests at all times.